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Here at Health Within Wellness Center we believe that health is achieved when our bodies are in balance structurally, chemically, emotionally. Nutrition is all about achieveing that chemical balance as everything we eat or expose our bodies to will have a chemical reaction. We believe that illness is more a reaction to the imbalance that exists. An easy way to understand this is through the idea of toxicity and deficiency. When we remove the toxins and improve our nutritional deficiency’s our bodies can and will heal.

DR. TIM MCFADDENClinic Director & Head Chiropractor
LESLIE HANSENOccupational Health
ALAN BERNARDMedical Massage Therapist
MARY MCFADDENAdministrative Director & Health Coach

Always Good Service. Doctor and staff alike, Thanks for making me feel welcome whenever I have an appointment or just walk-in.

George D

Love the Dr., love the staff, easy and convenient to get in and out on my lunch hour.

Ginger B,

Excellent caring service. Everyone was most helpful and I received a very thorough review with excellent treatment. I highly recommend. Thank you very much!

Chuck S.

Great doctor, wonderful staff, who could ask for more? Always happy with my visits here!

Laurel S.

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