Why Do Dr. Tim’s Patients Have Such Great Success?

Simple Answer: It’s The Zone Technique

Dr. Tim’s Zone Technique balances your brain and aligns your spine so that your body can restore itself to maximum health.

It may sound unbelievable, but the bottom line is that it really works. We have hundreds of patients who have eliminated their suffering to prove it.

So, how exactly does it work?

The Zone Technique Puts You In Healing Mode By Finding And Fixing Disruptions In The Signals Between Your Brain And Your Body

Believe it or not, your body is an electrical system, powered by six “circuits” that formed in your brain during your embryonic stage of development. These six “circuits” regulate and influence:

  1. Your glands
  2. Your elimination processes
  3. Your nervous system
  4. Your digestive organs and functions
  5. Your muscle system, including joints, ligaments and spinal discs
  6. Your circulatory system (heart and blood vessels)

When your body experiences and responds to emotional, physical, or chemical stressors, you experience a disruption in the normal function of one or more of these circuits. It’s a bit like that circuit “shorted out.” The results of a “short circuit” can create symptoms in the body…from headaches and pain to high blood pressure, anxiety, irregularity, and everything in between.

Before Dr. Tim makes an adjustment, he feels six specific points on the back of your head to determine which of your brain’s “circuits” is out of harmony with the bodily systems they control. When he finds the circuit that has shorted out, Dr. Tim makes specific, gentle chiropractic adjustments that stimulates specific points on your spinal cord and send signals up to your brain to reset that out-of-balance “circuit,” and open up the proper flow of signals between the spinal cord and the “circuits” in your brain that need balancing. The balanced “circuit” can then send the proper signals back to the malfunctioning system in your body. The result is that your body begins to heal itself.

Fantastic health is really this simple: The 6 “circuits” in the brain, called Zones by Dr. Tim, control every cell in your body. When these “zones” are out of balance, the brain’s ability to send correct messages to organs and tissues controlled by the 6 zones is diminished. By keeping these zones in balance, the body expresses perfect (yes, I said it) health.

The Zone Technique is a very unique Chiropractic technique created by Dr. Peter Goldman of San Francisco, California. Dr. Goldman developed the technique based on many influences and experiences he’s had with chiropractic throughout his life. Chief among these influences was Dr. Thurman Fleet, a San Antonio Chiropractor who developed the Zone Therapy Technique in 1931. After having learned about Zone Therapy in 1993, Dr. Goldman continued to refine the technique over the next 20-plus years until, in 2018, he developed a school to train healers. Dr. Tim has been trained personally by Dr. Goldman and is one of only about a dozen doctors worldwide who have achieved the Advanced Certification level.

Dr. Tim uses a very gentle adjusting style, using specific instruments and a very non-aggressive approach.

Take a look at the graphics below to help you understand the benefits of balanced zones:

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