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We offer a simple yet advanced system that promotes a safe, natural approach to weight loss that is based on eating “REAL FOODS” Unlike most programs that focus on suppressing the appetite and limiting food intake, we will coach you on what foods to eat that will optimize nutritional intake and promote fat-burning while restricting those foods that quickly turn to fat.  Your Weight Loss will be Substantial, Seeing Results Every Day Will Keep You Motivated!

  • Advanced supplementation that both complements and diet and acts as a catalyst in getting you to your goal weight much faster
  • A step by step process to insure great results as well as an exit strategy to get you to your goal weight and keep your there
  • Our program builds a lifestyle around good healthy eating habits. 80% if your battle comes from proper nutrition.  Weekly coaching sessions will give you the tools you need
  • No Surgery
  • No Prescription Drugs or Harmful Hormones
  • No Pre-Packaged Foods
  • Not and Exercise Program

What does Medically Supervised mean?
Our protocol itself is medically supported. Nutritionists, dietitians, and physicians were involved in the creation and modification of the program. You will not be seen by any doctors on this program, as there is no physician patient relationship. Physicians have helped solidify this program and today our health consultants bring this protocol to life.

Is it necessary to see a doctor while on the program?
You should get the approval of your primary doctor before going on any weight loss program. We do not want to take the role of your doctors. It is our belief that you should maintain your existing relationships with all your physicians, without the unnecessary expensive testing and procedures many “medical weight loss programs” put you through. We can send your physician a letter outlining our programs and goals in order for them to continue to care for your medical needs. We are here to support you in your weight loss goals, using the safe methods created by physicians.

Are there any pre-packaged meals?
No. We never use pre-packaged meals. We want you to learn to eat right, not just open up a can. Pre-packaged meals contain high sodium levels and can be dangerous to people with high blood pressure.

When will I start seeing results?
Everyone has different results but the majority of our clients who are dedicated to following the program have seen significant weight loss within one week. We believe that faster is better because research has shown that slow weight loss reduces the chances of actually reaching your goal weight. This is due in part to people becoming discouraged with their progress.

Is it safe?
Our program is all natural, safe and effective. It has been reviewed by physicians and has been successfully implemented to thousands of clients nationwide.

What are the side effects?
The biggest side effect of our program tends to be excess or loose skin left behind after extreme weight loss cases. We understand that is not a phenomena unique to only our program. That is why we offer non-surgical skin tightening treatments to help firm up loose areas left behind after extreme weight loss.

What exercise is required?
Our system does not require an exercise program, however we encourage an active lifestyle and we hope that your will maintain your current level of activity throughout the program. Basically all we ask is that you don’t sit in front of the TV all day.

Is it tax deductible?
YES. If you itemize deductions on your taxes and you meet the thresholds for annual medical expenses you can include a professionally managed weight loss program with those expenses. Every tax return is different and your may be limited by income restrictions on what you can deduct.

Will I gain the weight back?
That is entirely up to you. As long as you don’t slip back into your old habits, your will keep the weight off. Unlike diet pills that suppress your appetite our program targets fat and keeps your metabolism going strong, naturally. A metabolism that burns fat is far easier to maintain than one that has been tricked through chemicals or strenuous exercise routines. Our system includes a three week weight maintenance system completely FREE of charge!

What does the program cost?
Our weight loss program is comparable to most diet programs if not slightly less expensive. Everyone has the right to lose weight and feel better. That is why we have many affordable programs including interest free financing options. We also include a free, three week, weight maintenance system after your program has ended.


Is your current diet and lifestyle robbing you of living a long vital life full of energy and stealing years from your life?

Toxicity? Deficiency? Or Both?

There are many factors in our environment that contribute to our ill health. Let us help you sort out some basic nutritional principles that will start to add years to your life. Many people do not know that making just a few changes that you will hardly notice will have a HUGE impact on your overall health. Let’s get the needle of good health moving in the right direction for you.

Zyto Scanner

We provide a highly revolutionary, non-invasive test that is designed to energetically ask your body questions and then analyze your body’s specific responses. Using ZYTO biocommunication, we are able to gather a vast amount of data about your body. ZYTO Scans are a stimulus-response exchange between ZYTO software and your body. The responses generated by your body’s energetic system, and tracked using the ZYTO software, provide valuable information at a level of which you are most likely not conscious. Using ZYTO biocommunication you can discover specific, individualized information that will help you design a personalized health and nutrition program specific to your body’s needs. ZYTO scan technology provides insights and information that can make a significant difference. Simple Scientific Results.

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