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At HealthWithin Wellness Center we want to help you get your life back.  Work related injuries are the No. 1 cause of time off of work.  We will help you by offering your body the best chance to heal naturally.  If you are ready to participate in your healing you’ve chosen the right clinic. Our recommendations will help arm you with the tools needed to not only heal but understand some basic principles to health that can help you thrive.

Your occupational health provider is your team leader and will recommend the best treatment plan for you.  A thorough exam and non-invasive treatment plans such as chiropractic, medical massage, physical therapy and exercise/stretching will be discussed to help your body recover from your injury.  If any additional treatment is needed we will refer you out to the specialist that can best help you recover.  Regular follow up appointments are scheduled all through your healing process so that changes can be made to your treatment plan based on your results.

The workers’ compensation system is complicated, and it can be hard to know what to do after a work injury. As an occupational health experts we can help you. We’ll provide great care and manage most of the paperwork so you can focus on getting well

Your health is our passion.  Are you ready to heal?

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